Your Compliance Testing and Certification Partner

Celltech Labs Inc. is an EMC, RF and SAR compliance and engineering test facility located in the heart of the Silicon Vineyard, in Kelowna, BC. We offer a complete independent test facility specializing in compliance testing of electronic intentional and unintentional radiators to meet international consumer and occupational standards for North America, Europe, Australia and through our ISO 17025 accreditation with A2LA (ILAC member) to virtually all areas of the world.

At Celltech we are passionate in representing our client interests and ensuring timely regulatory acceptance. In the face of new technologies, materials, modules, configurations or changes of transmitting capabilities, we have answered the regulatory challenge on numerous occasions in the interests of our clients. It is no surprise that not only OEM’s but also experienced EMC/RF laboratories have sought out Celltech as their choice for addressing the SAR testing requirements of their clients.

At Celltech we enjoy building relationships that last, and in providing our clients with an unparalleled level of performance and service. Try us, you will be well taken care of, we guarantee it!

Celltech Labs Inc. is committed to a quality system and we seek & encourage feedback, both positive and negative, from our customers and other parties.

We invite you to come and visit Kelowna!

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