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Celltech Labs Inc. is an EMC, RF and SAR compliance and engineering test facility located in the heart of the Silicon Vineyard, in Kelowna, BC.  We offer complete independent compliance testing of wireless intentional and unintentional radiators to meet FCC, Industry Canada, and EU requirements through our ISO 17025 accreditation with A2LA (ILAC member) to virtually all areas of the world.

Celltech began in the 1990’s in teamwork with a professor of the UBC – University of British Columbia (predecessor OUC), providing leading-edge research in the fledgling area of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing. Our pioneering efforts commenced with initial tests including the use of frozen deer craniums, and near field probes. We soon invested in new equipment, technologies and training, and in 1999 we acquired the new DASY system of Schmid and Partner, of Switzerland, which also immediately launched our compliance testing and filing services for numerous OEM’s worldwide.

Over the years we have updated our DASY model and our engineers have become extremely skilled with this equipment, able to offer pre-compliance engineering data, assisting with SAR solutions, and complete services culminating in flawless compliance reports. With ten years of successful regulatory filings submitted in various countries our team is second to none in ensuring a successful and timely regulatory approval.

In 2004, at the request of a number of our OEM clients, we undertook an expansion of our services to provide EMC testing, and Industry Canada Representation services. The expansion was undertaken with great care and precision and today we are proud to state that we have an ever increasing number of repeat and satisfied customers from all areas of the globe, utilizing our complete EMC, RF and SAR compliance testing and regulatory filing capabilities.

The new wireless technologies have advanced rapidly and at Celltech we have advanced in pace with the changes, investing in test equipment, staff and knowledge. The last few years have seen even regulatory agencies, most notably the FCC and IC, adapt to attempt to keep pace with new technologies and grant issue times. The changes to the regulatory certification process now utilizing FCC TCB’s (Telecommunication Certification Body) and IC CCB’s (Canadian Certification Body) for the majority of product certifications has been beneficial to the industry and we have taken full advantage. We have been able to sample the TCB/CCB market and a few have risen to the top. With our close contacts and ongoing relationships with select TCB/CCB’s we have developed a team approach that enables us to schedule and provide an expedited turn-around time for grants to our clients. Celltech is an associate member of the TCB Council (www.tcbcouncil.org) which helps enable us to be at the forefront of new technologies and the associated measurement standards and procedures.

At Celltech we are passionate in representing our client interests and ensuring timely regulatory acceptance. In the face of new technologies, materials, modules, configurations or changes of transmitting capabilities, we have answered the regulatory challenge on numerous occasions in the interests of our clients.  It is no surprise that not only OEM’s but also experienced EMC laboratories have sought out Celltech as their choice for addressing the SAR testing requirements of their clients.

Celltech Labs Inc. is committed to a quality system and we seek & encourage feedback, both positive and negative, from our customers and other parties.

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